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    About the server

    Post by Admin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:03 am

    Server name: [RPG] ** •••••• COPS VS CRIMINALS •••••• **
    IP address:
    Gamemode: Cops and Criminals

    There are 2 sides of the confrontation: law enforcement agency (police, SWAT, FBI, Armed Forces, CIA) and criminals (terrorists, maniacs, weapon traders, drugdealers, taxists, car jackers).


    In fact you start the game from civilians who are not being criminals. You can earn level by the legal way or by committing crimes. As a criminal you can rob people, stores and banks, be able to plant bombs, sell guns and drugs. Each time you break the law, your wanted level increases. You can see the list of your crimes with /cr or /crimes [id]. If you got 1-2 wanted level points, cops can fine you. If your wanted level is higher than 2 stars, cops can arrest or kill you. You gain the level by committing crimes.

    You can pick a skill by typing /skill or using N button. Then you can see your skill's cmds with /scommands.

    There are few gangs that you can join being a criminal: Grove, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecs, Triads, Mafia. The members of the same gang can't hurt each other. If you kill a member of any other gang, your wanted level doesn't increase.

    You can earn the level and money by passing delivery missions.

    Law Enforcement

    All the law enforcement units are the same team, but have different features. As a cop you can kill/arrest/fine wanted suspects depending on their wanted level. Cops are not allowed to attack innocents. Your level gets increased each time you fine/arrest a criminal.

    Police is a primary confrontation force againts criminals. You start playing as a cop starting exactly with this class. Police job is related to patrolling of the city, fines of law breakers and arrests of criminals;

    SWAT is intended for carrying out special operations, by storming buildings and neutralizing explosive devices;

    FBI has a difference in starting weapons and is more mobile in chase. They have faster transport, which allows participating in the persecution of criminals on sports cars;

    CIA also has an even faster but less manageable transport. They have the same NRG-500 as FBI + helicopters with built-in machine guns, have the ability to monitor players through the radar inside the CIA building;

    The army is intended to conduct direct military operations against large groups of criminals, eliminate snipers, control airspace over the city and to support ground units from the air.
    The army is initially well-armed and more focused on elimination of criminals at highest wanted levels. They are armed with heavy equipment: military trucks, "patriots", tanks, combat and cargo helicopters and motorcycles.

    Use /rules command to display the list of the rules.

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